Kruse Rhododendron Reserve

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This park is located approximately 10 miles north of Fort Ross, near milepost 43. It is just north and inland from Salt Point State Park.

While Kruse Rhododendron Reserve features a lovely second-growth redwood forest mixed with Douglas firs, grand firs, and tan oaks, the reserve is named for its annual bloom rhododendrons. Each May patches of pink are scattered throughout the green of the forest as rhododendrons burst into bloom. The wealth of rhododendrons is a direct result of the normal progression of plants following a severe fire that once occurred here. Today the regenerating forest has taken hold, and the rhododendron bloom is much less apparent.

The Post Office and Wells Fargo stage stop serving Fisk Mill and Kruse Ranch is pictured to the left. Today the structure is dilapidated, but still stands beside Highway One just north of Fisk Mill.




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